Friday, February 10, 2012

Benefits of Friendship on health

            Today's health and beauty buzz is on the benefits of friendship for good health.

Friends can bring happiness, laughter and joy in to your life.
Friends can encourage you and help you to achieve your goals.
Friends take care of you when you are ill. They run errands, collect medication and drive you to the doctor.
Friends can help take care of your children.                
Friends can console you during periods of grief and despair.
Friends can prevent loneliness by giving you a sense of belonging.
Friends can boost your self esteem and self worth.
Research has shown that people who have friends live longer, healthier and happier lives. 

There are many different forms of friendship all of which can contribute towards living a happy and fulfilled life.

1. Colleagues in the work place. Many times people like to keep their professional and personal lives separate. Most waking hours during the week are spent at work and with colleagues. You can develop great friendships with the people you work with.  
2. Siblings. As the old saying goes "we cannot choose our family". On the other hand, friends may come and go but sibling relationships are forever. Although siblings often go their own separate ways, the relationship is unique as you share a lifetime worth of memories. 
3. Your parents. Forget the mistakes your parents made. Share your lives with them as adults and enjoy each other's company. Their time is limited and precious.                                                     

4.   Your adult children. When your children are
      grown, your relationship changes and can
      turn into fulfilling friendships. Don't interfere
      in your adult child's life. Schedule time to spend
5.   Your partner or spouse. When you are friends
       with your partner, you want to build a better
       life together. Enjoy each other's company, laugh
       and cry together, share goals and interests.
6.   Your childhood and college friends. There are no friends like old friends.
7.  Your neighbors. You can become friends with your neighbors by welcoming them to the community. Offer friendly advice on schools and restaurants. Take over a welcome package such as a fruit basket, a house plant or dinner the day they move in.
8.  "Dog is man's best friend". This applies to all types of animals. Enjoy your pets. You will get the love you give back 10 fold.

We sometimes feel more at ease with our long time friends than we do with our own partner and family. It is not uncommon in times of extreme stress to reach out to old friends for comfort and support even if you are separated by distance.
Woman in particular are often more comfortable discussing personal issues with a close friend than with anybody else.

Pick your friends wisely......

Avoid negative friends. Happiness and negativity are both contagious. Attempt to surround yourself with positive people. Avoid toxic friendships. If after spending time with someone, you feel bad about yourself, sad and disillusioned, then they should be avoided.
Dump the frenemy. The frenemy belittles you making you feel inadequate and stupid. The frenemy seems to always point out the negative and is never truly happy for you. The frenemy is critical of your family, other friends, spouse and even your children
Appreciate your friends and don't take them for granted. They sustain you and have an enormous impact on psychological well being.
Learn to be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself.

Stay healthy, happy and safe.

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  1. Very informative blog. I think that the quality of friends is what counts not the quantity.